5 BIG Mistakes Made Trying to Lose Weight

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Majority of people at some point in their life decide they want or need to lose weight. Last year, my extended family sat down to take turns telling everyone what their biggest news year’s resolutions would be. Every single woman said one of their goals was to lose weight, and half the guys said the same. That was literally about 80% of the family. Thing is, that percentage is pretty accurate. We all can look at ourselves in the mirror and see every single ounce of fat that shouldn’t be there.

So then what is it that keeps the majority of us from losing the weight or keeping it off? There is so many different factors that come into play with weight loss. And a lot of us are making the same mistakes over and over again. So, what are those big mistakes?

1. Cutting calories to low

So many people take the approach that if the eat a ridiculously low number of calories that their bodies will HAVE to drop weight. This couldn’t be more wrong. The reactions our bodies have to this method is unhealthy and can cause the opposite of the desired result. When our bodies are deprived of too many nutrients it will take whatever it can and store it in fat tissues as a defensive reaction. Pretty much you can lose muscle mass and make your body unhealthy while also teaching your body to store as much fat as possible as a protection.

2. Overlooking Your Resources

If you haven’t noticed, as our bodies get older it doesn’t work as well as it used to. Especially if we don’t keep them healthy. It takes more work and effort to manage our weight and our strength. But no matter your age or weight there are nutrients and supplements that encourage our bodies to function at their best. Using those right supplements when dropping weight can create a more consistent success. One of the best all-around supplements is Exipure. The specific use of natural ingredients works to support your body’s natural functions. If you’re looking to become healthier and/or lose the weight I would encourage you to start using Exipure ASAP. Use an app to track your calories, like My Fitness Pal.

3. Cheat Day

This is a huge issue that a majority of people fall into. Having a cheat “day” can hinder your weight loss dramatically. There was a point when I was so strict and good during the week but on a Saturday or Sunday, I needed a break and have something really tasty (meaning full of fat and sugar). I was so frustrated that I worked so hard and there was no way a cheat day here or there could cancel out all my hard work, right? WRONG!!! When I sat down and realized that having pancakes and bacon for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch with some chips, then pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert, was accounting for 3 days worth of a weight loss calorie intake, I was horrified!

Finding out that a medium frozen custard from a typical restaurant was nearly 1500 calories without any mix ins! Truth is a cheat day doesn’t have to be binge eating to do some real damage to your efforts. Try opting for something more along the lines of a cheat meal. Choose low calorie healthy options for your other two meals and be satisfied having some pizza in moderation. There is no need to go crazy all day long. Truth is if your responsible about it, you could have cheat meals more often and not see significant damage to your weight loss goals.

4. Binge Eating Recovery

Now going along with cheat days or binge eating. What happens when we go against our better judgement and have a completely out of control day? A lot of people think they need to starve themselves for days after or give up completely because they feel they already failed.

Your body will recover faster if you treat it right. Drink as much water as possible for the next two days have really healthy meals low in carbs and sugar. Stick to healthy proteins and lots of veggies. Your body will gladly accept the apologetic treatment. I once woke up 9 pounds heavier after a horribly defeating day. I know that it wasn’t 9 pounds of real fat, but it was scary nonetheless. After guzzling almost two gallons of water and healthy meals only one day later I was back down six pounds. I repeated the recovery steps the second day and woke up back where I started in weight. Phew! What a relief!

5. Cutting Out Foods

We all hear that carbs are bad, that sugars are bad. If we stop eating them, we will have more success. Sure, you will, I’ve seen it happen for many family and friends. They either gained the weight back or had other issues once they started reintroducing those foods back into their diets. One of which would get incredibly sick any time she had even a little bit of sugar. Even natural sugars like in strawberries. It took her a long time and a lot of doctors to get her back to a more normal diet.

The problem with cutting out things entirely is it become foreign to your body. Your body no longer recognizes what it is or how to process it correctly. Which can result in weight gain and health issues. Instead use those foods in moderation, portioning how much of it you have and how often. Our bodies don’t need grains at every meal.

Weight loss is a journey and even though every person’s journey is different and has different challenges, there are still so many similarities and lessons we can learn from each other. What are some of the mistakes you have struggled with or are currently struggling with? What are some of the lessons you are learning throughout your journey?

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