My Story Part 2

Once again, I had to use specific resources in order to help my body obtain a semblance of control. The resources I was given to stabilize my hormones made all the difference. It wasn’t fixed but it came under control. I was still fighting to lose weight, but it was a huge battle, and I wasn’t having very much success. I got pregnant with my second kid and did everything I could to limit the weight gain. After he was born, I felt as if the burst of hormones actually came fully back into control. I dropped most of the baby weight extremely quick. My weight settled at about 215.

I was determined more than ever that now was the time to turn it all around. I felt my body was in the best place to be successful. I’ll be honest, I felt I could do it on my own and ignored spending the money on the supplements and other resources I should have relied on. It became a painstaking process of eating and exercising. It was so slow I didn’t know for a couple months if I was actually making progress. Loosing .5 lbs a week only equated to 2 lbs a month! As many of you know your weight can fluctuate that much day to day especially while dieting.

I had to work hard and stay strict, but I had some real momentum and felt like my goals were actually within my grasp for the first time in almost a decade. People started noticing and congratulating me. Things became easier to do and I had more energy. It’s amazing what it does to your whole mental state to feel confident in yourself. It makes any of my goals actually feel attainable.

Wedding Dress
Goal Dress

What goals are you working for? Let me know what you would like me to write about. If you have accomplished your own weight loss comment #weight loss and how much. We can celebrate each other when we make accomplishments in becoming healthier.

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