Top 5 Yoga Pants

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Yoga pants are a must have for the active woman…. Or the one that just likes the comfortable stretchy pants…. Or the woman who likes running errands. Okay, let’s face it, women everywhere love wearing yoga pants. They are a genius invention that can be good for nearly every occasion. Thing is, there is so many options out there. How do we know what some of the best options are? I’ve put together a list of some of the best options in a few different styles and with different priorities.

More and more of us lately have shown a concern for going more organic. Trying to be kinder to the earth and our bodies. These leggings are made with organic cotton in a fair-trade factory. There is no toxic chemicals used and 81% less water in the making of these leggings. They are super super soft and comfortable. A style you can wear for all your everyday errands and look stylish with the side pin tucks along the sides.

They describe these as their curve-defining leggings. Oh boy, are they flattering. They use a powerhold fabric to give you just the right hold in all the right places. These are a high waisted legging that you can wear working out for everyday wear. I love the hidden pockets and they help with moisture-wicking. Helpful when working up a sweat. For those of us who have thick thighs these are also chafe-resistant.

These seamless leggings are not only comfortable, but they get loads of compliments. They are cute and unique and so breathable. They give you just enough compression to feel comfortable but also completely secure.

One of the struggles of being a pregnant mother, is PANTS! You need something comfortable, supportive, and able to grow. These leggings are able to grow to nearly twice its size without losing its shape. They are able to help with moisture-wicking and are completely breathable. There is also no concern with harmful chemicals.

I am very interested in trying these out. They are on my list for my next pair of yoga pants. These are great specifically for yoga, I’m sure they would work all around as well. However, it’s supposed to be a soft fabric that is stretchable but also firm. It has a three-layer waistband with a mesh inner lining. I always appreciate extra support around my waist after having kids. These also are free of any side seams.

If you have any yoga pants you absolutely love, comment #yogapants and let me know what you wear!

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