4 Ways to Exercise with Kids

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Make it a Routine

Kids do so well when they know what to expect. Bedtime is a great example of that. Kids have a routine. They get in our pajamas, brush their teeth, read a story, get in bed, bedtime song, hugs and kisses, and if it’s my kids get out of bed at least once for potty or an extra hug. So if you are able to make it a part of daily items they expect to happen, they might even start holding you accountable and making sure you don’t miss a day.

Encourage Them to Participate

Cheer them on as they try out doing the push ups and squats. Tell them how strong they are and tell them to flex their muscles. Make them feel good that they accomplished something. Tell them how healthy they are for doing it. Give lots of positive reinforcement for joining in.

Make it a Game

A couple weeks ago, I told my boys we were going to play an exercise game. We pretending we were next to a volcano. We did leaps over lava puddles, and climbed ladders to get higher, we pulled our friends in a boat across the lava. There was so many activities that we did. They LOVED it! They asked to play the game almost daily for a week straight. There was days I was ready to stop “playing” and they pushed me to keep going.

Use Them as Weights

I feel like people roll their eyes at this one. However, it is totally a legitimate avenue. I have done squats with them, and had them sit on my legs. They love holding my legs down while I either try to lift my legs or do sit-up while they anchor me. They think it’s so funny to make me struggle.

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