Learn to Love Yourself: Part 1

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Learning to love yourself is a journey. It can be difficult and force us to accept parts of ourselves that we would rather not. But this a huge part of our health as a whole person. This is something we could discuss for weeks or even months. So I’ll be breaking it down into parts, and focusing on specific pieces.

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Our brains are amazing! The capacity the human brain has for functioning is seriously miraculous. The amount neurons and the ability to learn and retain information is something impossible to replicate. So what are the steps to controlling your mind and loving your own mind.

Address your Feelings

Avoiding your feelings is the same thing as saying they aren’t important. How we feel is very important. I used to tell a young boy, who liked to lash out physically when angry, that he wasn’t in trouble for being angry but for the actions he took. When you are having strong feelings of hurt, or depression or inadequacy, and you choose to stifle those feelings, you are acting out against yourself. Giving yourself the silent treatment. No one is immune to having feelings. Feelings are not a negative thing, it’s how our minds and bodies process what is happening around us. Instead of pushing them to the side, acknowledge them. Be able to say, “That made me angry!”. Some people think to embrace those kinds of feelings means, letting out our inner villain. You don’t need to become Cruella Devil or shout, “dracarys!” and reign fire down on your enemies. Feeling vs Action.

Focus Your Mind

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

The mind is a very powerful force. If you can truly convince yourself mentally that something is possible, a lot of times you are so much closer to attaining it. There were times I had sick kids and could feel the effects of it starting in on me. I would get up and tell myself constantly throughout the day that I wasn’t sick. I kid you not 9 times out of 10, the symptoms faded away with very little affect on me. There is a reason Luke Skywalker can’t lift his fighter out of the swamp. Because he THINKS it is too big! But little Yoda, who doesn’t have the strength and is incredibly old is able to do it with ease. I’ve used it before but I’m going to use it again. Our minds are like a stage, we are always going to have errant thoughts and feelings. We don’t have to avoid them, rather not let them take center stage and control us. They are there and we accept them but we focus the bigger part of our minds (center stage) with our goals, strengths, and positive thoughts.

Change the Narrative

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