What Can Kudzu Root do for You?

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Kudzu roots can be cooked like potatoes. You can also dry them and grind them into powder for breading and to add to sauces to thicken them. It has been known to be used in herbal teas as a treatment for mild illnesses and to reduce headaches


Antioxidants – kudzu is full of different antioxidants. These are so huge in both our physical and mental health. Naturally making our bodies healthier.

Helps to increase BAT – it can help to increase your brown adipose tissue levels. Which studies have shown it may be helpful in weight loss. Your brown adipose tissue levels help to deliver nutrients to your muscles cells and balance your energy levels.

Relieves aches and pains – as mentioned before it has been used in herbal teas. People have seen it reduce pain. In studies it was found that it actually reduced inflammation to the point where it is being considered a valid alternative to over the counter medicine.

Hangovers and drinking – can be used to reduce hangover symptoms. In a study regarding alcohol, people who took kudzu ended up being less prone to over drinking.

Overall health – there is so many benefits that naturally come from kudzu. Including boosting your metabolism, a help in weight loss as well. Also may help with regulating blood sugar levels.

I love finding the best supplements that paired together can really help you physically work towards being your best. However, plenty of these also work on mental well being.

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