I’m a “Bad” Runner

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All my life I told people, I hate running, I’m a bad runner. I avoided it like the plague and was embarrassed any time I was in a situation where I had to run more that a handful of feet. I am an asthmatic, have been since I was born. I was one of those serious asthmatics that was at the ER on a regular basis. My schools had inhalers with those huge spacers on hand at the office. My brothers would keep an eye on me at recess so they could rush me to the office before an attack could get to severe. So it was a scary thing for me to be asked to run for a physical education class.

Anyway, getting back to the subject. One thing I have been able to do is build my endurance. Especially in running. I have actually come to enjoy running, and have accomplished 3 different ragnar races. I’ve also run some relays. With practice and the right conditions I was able to go from struggling to run 1 mile without stopping to running up to six miles without stopping. All in all I feel like I’ve become a great runner. I accomplished this while battling with PCOS causing some crazy weight gain. I even ran my third ragnar pregnant.

But there is a catch (if you want to call it that). No one, outside of myself, would describe me as a good runner. I’m more along the line of slow and steady, some may even say I don’t really “run” but more of a strong jog. I don’t have a great pace and I don’t win any races.

But you can’t compare yourself to others and I’ve always been a strong believer of that. If you compare your successes or troubles to others they are going to always be jaded. I never would have thought that the girl that was sitting in the emergency room for the second time in a week just trying to get enough air, would be in a team race over two days. That she would have run 16 miles throughout 3 different legs of the race. I never in a million years would have believed that I would enjoy it!

I am proud of what I have accomplished, both physically and mentally. If you would like to be better at running, then do it. Don’t compare your worth in running to other people. Be in competition with yourself. Keep working at it and see just how far you come. One of the biggest hurdles in my running journey was a breathing regimen. If there is a certain aspect of running that you struggle with, focus on what you need to do to improve that one specific thing and see what a difference that makes.

I don’t care what anyone else says about my running. I am an amazing runner! I have accomplished so much in my journey. What have you accomplished. Is there something you have accomplished, that on the surface people may not see the value of it? What is your story?

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