Learn to Love Yourself Part 2

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There is never going to be a perfect body. No matter how strong you become or how much weight you lose, there is always something else that could be better or improved. So instead of hating what you don’t have, accept what you do have. Be happy with all the things that make your body great. No matter how your body looks, it is amazing and beautiful. Don’t let the world tell you how you should look.

Show That You Love

Photo by Foodie Factor on Pexels.com

When you love your dog, or your pet, you take care of it. You make sure you feed it right, give opportunities for exercise, and relaxation. The same should be said for your body. Don’t exercise to achieve a body you love, exercise because you love your body. Eating a bunch of fatty foods hurts your body. Eat healthy foods, because it’s good for your body.

And meditate often. Meditation relaxes the body and releases negative tensions. It can be healing for the mind and body. Find a quiet place and a comfortable position. Focus on taking deep rejuvenating breaths. Empty your mind, and release the tension. For me, the easiest way to fully relax is to focus on each part of my body. Starting at my head and moving down my body all the way to my feet. As I focus on each part of my body, I release tension and imagine feeling any pain or tension leak out as I breathe out. This also makes me more in tune with any areas of my body that may need some extra love and care.

Make Health Goals, instead of body goals

Remember to focus on what you love about yourself. What are some of your best features? What do you love about your body?

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