My First 10 Mile Run

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I had to figure out a route and if it was going to be a loop or if I was going to need a ride. I decided I really didn’t want to have to deal with a continued stop and start situation. So I wanted to avoid as many roads and traffic lights as possible. There was a running/biking trail about a half mile from my home. This trail extended through the entire county, and I figured this was my best bet. I wasn’t sure exactly where I would hit 10 miles but I knew what city I should end up in. So I planned it on a day that my hubby could watch the kids and be able to come pick me up.


The Run

I started this venture with the distance between my house and the trail as a warm up. Once I hit the trail, that was when my mileage started. To be honest I had a little bit of a rough start. I think my mental game wasn’t as prepared as my physical game was. I felt like I was struggling with my breathing and that my legs were way to tired. It probably took a couple miles before I finally got into more of a rhythm. Once I did it was really just a long process of putting one foot in front of the other…. over and over and over again. I kept track of my mileage as I went. I was just under 10 miles when I found one of the roads that crossed the running trail. Since the trail had taken me to a bit more of a remote section of the city, I decided it was better to get off the trail and follow the road back to a spot where my hubby could find me. So I finished my run on the road. Once I hit the 10 mile, I used maps to figure out where was a good meeting spot and texted hubby for the pickup. It was almost a mile to the meeting spot so I used it as my cool down, with some stretching along the way.


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