How I Ate What I Wanted and Lost 75 lbs!

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I knew when I started my weight loss journey that I was not willing to lose the weight and then gain it back. I knew that if I cut everything out of my diet until the weight was gone that I was more likely to gain back the weight. I knew that certain foods were too important to me to never have them. And I knew that I had to be able to indulge somewhat on a regular basis. Some of you may be thinking, “how did you lose 75 lbs. then?!”.

Strategy! I was ready to make a change and I had to have the right strategy to accomplish my goals and maintain my goals. But it was quite the list of must haves mentioned above. However, it was important to me to have a little bit of joy in my food. This strategy did not include eating junk 24/7. My health was important to me. Thing is I was successful, and I did have a lot of freedom with my food. And it’s a freedom I can continue and maintain my weight.

1. My Priority Meal

If I eat what I want all day long, of course I’d never lose weight. So, I had to make a priority “meal”. People for the most part go with a strict crazy diet for 6 days or so and then have a cheat day that they eat whatever they want. I’ve tried this method and usually the one day ruined the entire week worth of work. And on top of that I was miserable most of the week. Instead, I keep my calories stored up to have an actually satisfying meal. Something along the lines of, eggs or peanut butter toast for breakfast, tuna or turkey sticks for lunch, possibly a small snack. This leaves me with about half my calories left for dinner. It doesn’t have to be dinner. For me my worst snack time is night, so a satisfying dinner made a big difference. I know someone that they have the worst cravings around lunch, so a small breakfast and dinner made more sense for them.

2. Strategic Water

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3. Relaxed Days vs Strict

4. Supplements

5. Portions

This one is a normal point that you hear everywhere. However, I feel it is worth repeating. If you are taking an approach that gives you more freedom, it comes with a responsibility. Having enchiladas for dinner is great. But you usually need to stick with a single serving size or possibly two depending on the recipe. Eating half the pan and going over your daily calories will get you nowhere. If you forgo your snack so you have more calories to go eat out with friends, ask for a doggy bag before you eat and set aside half your meal. Make the effort to keep your calories under control so you can exercise your freedom more often.

I know you can be successful as well! Give yourself the right strategy and the right tools. Make it so you are set up for success from the very start. What kind of strategies are you using or have used? Is there something unique that has given you more success?

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