Weekly Check-in: 2/1

New Goal

30 days 100 squats – The women in my family have been “blessed” with some big thighs. “Thunder thighs” we like to refer to them as. My husband and I decided I should try a little experiment. I am going to do 100 squats a day for 30 days and measure my thighs. See what kind of changes may or may not happen. It will be an interesting experiment.

Short Term Goals

Goal weight – As I mentioned above still maintaining but I will get back on track! and soon!

50 push-ups – I am successfully at 20 push-ups twice a day right now. It’s a bit of a struggle and I hope by the end of the week I feel a little stronger with this so I can up it again.

Crane Pose and Trip-pod Head Stand – I am actually successfully doing the head stand 8 times out of ten. I am pretty shaky and not exceptionally graceful. I will continue to work on this. The crane pose is taking a little bit more. I can get into it for a second but holding it isn’t quite there yet.

Grip Strength – I’ve been starting on some forearm exercises. A lot of grip comes from your fore arms, so I’m start there.

Long Term Goals

These ones I won’t spend a whole lot of time on. Obviously being long term there is going to be less to say about them weekly. This includes Toning with a lot of strength training. The Blog, man I suck at this one, I never write anything (can you hear my sarcasm?). And Fitness coach, I will continue to grow my knowledge and look into an educational certification.

What new goals are you guys working towards? Have you been making progress towards those goals?

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