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I have loved reaching out and sharing my story. Because of it I’ve been able to talk to some amazing and strong people. There is so many people out there that have or are going through a lot of the struggles that I did with health and weight loss. I know there is so many more people that are trying to make a change.

I’ve had people reaching out to me asking lots of questions about what I did and what strategies I’ve used. A lot of the questions have been similar, and I figured it might be a good idea to just get them all in one place for anyone that hasn’t reached out but may still want to.

How much water do you drink?

How much Yoga did I incorporate?

A lot of my exercise has been inconsistent. I have worked in what I could being a mom, homeschooler for my kids, and everything else that life entails. As far as yoga specifically I didn’t do it on a regular basis. When I did do it, it was usually a light 20-to-30-minute session that was more of a light intensity.

Did I ever go over calories?

YES! I am definitely not perfect, and I went over many times that I shouldn’t have but with very minimal crazy over calorie days. Even when I ate out or had sweets, I was very careful about not going crazy. However, on a regular basis I tried to stay 100 calories below my limit. This was to account for discrepancies in servings sizes that may vary, because I didn’t perfectly measure my food, and because I didn’t bother counting 20 calories for salsa, or 10 calories for relish, etc. If I ever did go above calories, I tried to not let it be more than 200 calories. Based on what I was eating that was more in line with maintaining weight rather than losing weight, so I didn’t stress about it too much.

What is your diet like?

It’s pretty simple and pretty cost efficient. I really put most of my focus into light proteins and veggies. Yes, I have some fruit or bread and dairy sprinkled in but usually pretty light. I eat things like tuna, turkey sticks, chicken, and eggs for protein. I have a lot of broccoli, sometimes peas, or a veggie mix.

How much exercise do you get?

As mentioned before my exercise had been very inconsistent. It was kind of just done when I could fit it in. There were some weeks I was swimming and running regularly and other weeks I didn’t do much at all. Since I’ve gotten to a more comfortable place in weight, I’ve haven’t focused so hard core on those last couple of pounds but making the fitness side of things more at the forefront of my goals.

What about supplements?

Did you fast a lot?

Did weight loss improve your health issues?

Definitely yes! I did use extra resources and help to get some of the health problems I was having somewhat under control. However, the healthier I became the more those things faded into the background. I would like to write an article more in depth about the struggles I had with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and the changes I noticed as I got to a healthier position.

Should I stop eating grains?

I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. However, my own two cents is no! I never wanted to fully deprive myself of anything. I could portion and eat certain things with a modesty, but I didn’t ever try to cut 100% of anything out of my diet. Well, that is except for soda. I did quit soda entirely and I practically live off of my daily sparkling ice. Is it just me or are all the other zero calorie carbonated drinks disgusting? Sparkling Ice is so good, and my favorite is the grape raspberry. However, I hope I can stay true to the no soda thing forever!

What else?

Is there anything else you want to know from me, that you didn’t already get? What other kinds of questions should I focus on?

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