Falling off the Weight Loss Bandwagon

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Falling of the bandwagon is a common term used to describe someone who has failed to lose weight. I absolutely HATE this term! What a negative why to discourage people from trying in the first place. Truth is that is the root of a lot of concern over starting a weight loss journey. If you don’t try something, then you can’t fail at it. It’s a similar concept that applies to so many goals that we make throughout our lives. Why someone won’t go fill out applications or interview, even when they hate their job. Or someone who never takes the risk to start their own business and be their own boss. We all have something that we want or have wanted to accomplish and never take the chance.

You Don’t Fail Until You Give Up

This is a concept that I truly believe. I’m sure there is plenty of people that think that is absolutely not true. Read stories about some big money makers, or “rich” people. I can’t tell you how many of those stories spend a large portion of their time talking about everything that went wrong or mistakes that they made. I listened to a guy who makes millions every year. After trying and trying he actually make big money. He made a million dollars, and then proceeded to lose it all in his next venture. He ended up worse off than before he started. Yet he did not give up and give in. He kept at it and moved back into success, fixed his mistakes, and has continued to keep his fortune.

I also felt like a failure at times. Throughout my journey of seeking a healthier body and mind, I had lots of pit falls and mistakes. I continued to gain weight when I literally felt like there was nothing I could do. I started giving away all my smaller clothes. I felt that if I couldn’t succeed while I was running daily and watching what I ate, that there was no hope. I essentially gave up for a couple years and just gave in. That is when I failed, because I was no longer willing to attempt to better myself. However, I came to a point that I realized that was no way to continue to live my life. I knew that if I really wanted it and deserved it, I had to keep trying. So, I put on my big girl panties and started again.

What do You Need to Make it Happen?

You Take What You Deserve

If you have ever read the book “Unfuck Yourself”, he says something interesting. He says that you don’t deserve something unless you already have it. Now this is oversimplifying things to say you don’t deserve it. In my opinion all our bodies deserve to be healthy. However, the point behind the thought is powerful. If you want something, go out and take it! You make it happen, no matter if you need to take care of medical problems or get control of your snacking. Whatever it is, you are the only one who can take the actions needed in order for it to become a reality. Therefore, if you deserve it, you need to prove it.

Where is the Bandwagon?

People act like if you have one bad day, you fell off the bandwagon. Or if you have a bad week or a month. You have never truly fell of the bandwagon while you still have the intent and will to try again. Now there are times we definitely aren’t sitting in the safest place on the bandwagon. I know I’ve had my times where I was dangling my feet off. Okay, let’s be honest, there were times my leg was caught in a rope with me dragging behind on the ground behind the bandwagon. Where is your bandwagon and where are you sitting? Are you starting to inch of the edge? Check yourself and secure yourself into the safest seat on the wagon. We all make mistakes and that doesn’t mean it’s over.

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