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So, let’s talk about oxidation. Oxidation is when a chemical reaction damages the cells of an organism. Our oxygen molecules interact with so many different parts of your body. When oxidation occurs it pretty much means that there is damage happening to the cells that those molecules interact with. This can cause diseases and infections and more. Antioxidants are a means of preventing that cell damage and allowing your body to be healthier. Propolis has 300+ antioxidants.

Propolis has a long history of use in multiple cultures. Including the Greeks, Egyptians, and in World War 2. Hippocrates even claimed the benefits included being able to help with wounds both internally and externally. There are some other apparently well know historical figures that have spoken out about its benefits but it seemed funny to bring it up when I honestly had no clue who they were. I must be extra lazy tonight, because I didn’t feel like looking these people up. Instead, let’s break down some of those benefits.

Antioxidants – Even though I already went over a large part of this, it definitely does need to be listed in the benefits of this ingredient. Antioxidants, especially ones that come from natural sources, are very important to our bodies.

Burns – There have been studies that have shown there is potential to largely assist with the healing of burns. It’s said to encourage faster healing. The reason is because it is supposed to promote healthy cell growth.

Detox – This is more specific to healthy blood sugar. It may help to promote and fix blood sugar levels as well as glucose levels. This is because of a chemical in propolis called pinocembrin.

Overall Health – Most of the things listed in this come in large part because of the antioxidants. It may help to fight illness and ailments. May also have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Other potential benefits are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and immunity boosting.

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