5 Amazing Utah Adventures For A Happy Healthy Life

Emerald Pools at Zion’s National Park

We did an overnight stay at Zion’s. We actually did 3 or 4 different hikes in the two days. The boys were amazing troopers and just kept going. My youngest continued to make robot sound affects through all the hiking. The one they had the most fun with was the emerald pools loop. It is a looped trail that goes across three different pools. Following a red pathway. We had so much fun, and it was the longest trail that we did while we were down there. It was about a 3-mile hike all the way round. We had so much fun, despite it pouring rain on us the whole time. Actually, truth be told it kind of was a lot of fun to hike in the rain.

Scout Cave in St George

This is the longest hike that my boys accomplished. My youngest is 4 years old and not especially big for his age. He had to have some piggyback rides on our way back out. However, considering that the hike totaled 5.5 miles, I’m so very proud of both my boys. This hike took us past lava rocks and through some hot sandy areas. At the end we had to do a bit of scampering up rocks to get into the actual cave. They may have been exhausted but they still remember it and think it was awesome.

Little Wild Horse Canyon

We didn’t track this mileage. However, the full loop is over 8 miles. We started at one end and went in about 2 miles. So, round trip we went about 4 miles. Little Wild Horse is a slot canyon. They are so much fun! A canyon full of winding walls on both sides. We were actually able to put feet on each side of the canyon walls a couple of times.

Goblin Valley State Park

This was one of our favorite adventures from last summer. We went thinking that we would be able to look around and be there for an hour. Look at the hoodoos then move on to other activities. However, we ended up spending over 3 hours there! All we did the entire time was run around, and climb. The place was a HUGE overgrown playground. We were able to climb all over the larger hoodoos. We climbed through natural tunnels and up ones that were over 20 feet high. My husband and I felt ridiculously like little children again. Such a blast.

Mirror Lake in Kamas

This was yet another adventure we had that ended up raining on us. Some would say that we have bad luck. However, every time we have had so much fun, and the rain kept us cool. Mirror lake was absolutely beautiful. We decided about halfway around to take off from the trail and go bushwhacking through the woods. Climbing over logs and avoiding swampy muddy sections. We went with my sister’s family and had such a blast.

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