Fry Salmon the Right Way

Salmon is one of my favorite healthy meals to make.  I’ve cooked, fried, and bbq’d salmon all different ways.  I’ve also done a lot of research on it and a lot of high end chefs and restaurants stick to frying their salmon on the stove.  The method I’m going to describe is what is used by most of them.  For me, it is easy, quick, and holds the most flavor.

So I was very careful this time around to make sure I got a picture of the most important step in the process.  The key is to only cook on each side once.  So you have to cook it the right amount of time on each side so you get your cook all the way through and don’t burn the top of the salmon.

So from the beginning, put your burner on med-high heat.  You will want to through a healthy spoonful of butter into the pan and let it start melting into a pool of butter.  Put your salmon in the pan skin side down and put a couple chunks of butter on top of your salmon.  If your looking for an even healthier way to cook it you can forgo any butter.  Best way to stop it from burning to the bottom of the pan is with some coconut oil instead of the butter.

It’s going to stay on this side for most of the cooking time.  The skin will protect the salmon from burning and give you a nice cook all the way through.  So what you will be looking for is a very subtle change in the coloring on the side of the salmon.  The darker pink will start to lighten and crawl up the sides.  To help keep the flavor you can spoon the butter in the pan onto the top of the salmon a few time.  The key is to let the pink get to 3/4 up the side and then flip it.  It is a very very subtle coloring as you can see below.

It will only need a min or two (depending on your stove) to finish off the cook and to get a nice bit of browning on the top of your salmon.  Grill up some veggies, plate and serve.  Good stuff!

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