10 Health Benefits of Music

Working Out

Studies have shown there is benefits in regard to performance and recovery. When listening to music during a workout, it tends to clear the mind of distractions. It can put you in a slight form of meditation. Opening your mind to give complete focus to the task at hand. There are even studies showing that when someone listens to music after working out that helps the body to relax and recover.


Mood Enhancer

Music can increase dopamine levels. The part of your brain that directly is involved with emotions, is the same part of your brain that processes music. It can help with anxiety and depression

Blood Flow

There are also studies that show a better blood flow when listening to music. Therefore, benefits have shown to be lowered blood pressure, reducing the heart rate, and having a healthier heart.

Stimulates Memories

There is such a thing as music therapy. It’s been used for people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Obviously, there is no cure, and it will not have long term affect. However, to be able to give those people a measure of peace, familiarity, and comfort is a big deal to a confused mind.

Acceptance and Expression

Management of Pain

When you reduce your stress levels helps with pain management. Introducing music as a competition to your brain sensors can help in distracting from the focus of pain you may be feeling. I mentioned it earlier, that music therapy is a real thing.

Weight Loss

I already mentioned the possibilities in weight loss by reducing stress eating. However, eating while playing music and relaxing yourself can help you to eat slower. It has been proven multiple times that if you eat slower, you eat less overall. It can help to prevent overeating.


There is specific science showing that listening to music can make you a better student and smarter. They actually took an MRI to see what happened to the brain when listening to music. There are multiple areas of the brain that light up (become active) while listening to the music.

Brain Function

There are neural pathways in your brain that affect every aspect of your body’s health. These pathways become weaker and weaker when they aren’t used. Music stimulates a majority of these pathways. The more they are stimulated the stronger they become, not only increases brain function but affecting so much of your overall health.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It is honestly miraculous how much music can really do for you mind and body. What other benefits have you seen in your life because of music? When is your favorite time to listen to music?

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