My First Ragnar Race

So, I agreed to run in the race. I seriously never planned on participating ever again. I was nervous and dreading it. However, the experience was one of the most awesome things I have ever done. The race consists of a team of 12 people that all take turns running. The mileage for the entire team combined was around 200 miles. We started in Logan, UT and ended in Midway, UT. We split our team into two vans, six in each van. While one van would take turns running, the other van would rest and eat. Every person on the team ran 3 times or legs.

Leg 1 – My first leg of the race was only 3 miles. However, it was during the hottest part of the day in the middle of summer. I also was running in an area that had absolutely no cover. The heat was so bad, I remember feeling like my feet were burning through my shoes. I remember thinking that this was exactly why I didn’t want to do this. I felt like I walked the majority of it, and that I was going to let my team down. All I focused on was walking as fast as I could when I needed to and running whenever I could muster the strength.

1st Break – We went and got some food and laid out on a lawn outside of a school, I believe. We tried to get a little bit of sleep. Our next set was to start around 10 and we would all take turns running through a large portion of the night.

Leg 2 – This was my longest run. It was 6 miles. I started running just before midnight and ran till about 1 am. This was a turning point for me. Even though I was still slow and tired, I was more comfortable and definitely my muscles were warmed up. I started to enjoy pushing myself further than I ever had before. It was just me and the road, and I was going to keep going until I got through.

2nd Break – I know we got some food at a tiny little restaurant. It was so overpacked with a bunch of other runners on their breaks as well. I know we were supposed to get some sleep, but we really didn’t get much.

Aftermath – I was so very happy to see my husband and my son. He was just barely over a year old, and I had never been away from him for very long. It was a happy reunion. For the following few days, I was pretty sore. I remember having a bit of a struggle walking up and down the stairs. I did a LOT of stretching and drank a lot of water. The biggest thing that I came away with was learning to enjoy running and realizing what strength I have. I really did the race for bragging rights and with the intention to never participate again. However, I ended up running my second Ragnar just five months later.

When have you found a passion for something that you never thought you could enjoy? What other strengths have you discovered in yourself?

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