Final Ingredient: Oleuropein

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Oleuropein is actually a substance found in green olives. It is in the skin, seeds, leaves, flesh and argan oil. It is said that this substance is actually what gives olives their flavor. It also goes by the name of Olea Europaea. This name references the tree it actually comes from. This is another ingredient that actually helps to increase brown adipose tissue levels, which helps to combat bad fat in your body. However, there are many other benefits of this particular ingredient.


Cancer – There are studies showing that Oleuropein can act as an inhibitor of a protein that has been found in excess in certain cancers. Therefore, decreases the likelihood of those cancers.

Disease – Diseases happen when dangerous molecules damage your cells. Oleuropein helps to protect the health of those cells. There is a phenolic substance produced from green olives. This substance is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It has also been tied to fighting age related disease such as metabolic syndrome and neurodegenerative.

Muscle Health – There is a substance in Oleuropein that studies have shown it may decrease lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria can cause muscle weakness and pain or discomfort.

Blood – There is a few different areas here that you can benefit. Studies show that it can strengthen the cells in the walls of arteries. This helps with healthy blood flow and decreased risk of clots. It has been used to treat hypertension because of the potential to lower blood pressure by lowering oxidative stress. There is also a study showing a lowering of low-density protein. This is a type of cholesterol in the arteries that cause heart problems.

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