The Nature of Hiking

Anyone Can do It

Whoever you are, you can do it. If you’re reading this, you can do it. There is literally no one, capable of leaving their house, that can’t do it. There is so many different trails, difficulties, and options. There are paved trails that are wheelchair accessible. There are trails that are literally as short as walking around the block. There are trails that you can do for months continuously. There is something for everybody.

It Costs You Practically Nothing

This activity is pretty much FREE! To participate in the majority of hiking ventures, you just need a pair of shoes. Wait! Most of us already have a pair of shoes! There may be trails in state parks and national parks and such. However, there is so many trails all over the country and the world that requires no price tag to participate. There are not that many different options that don’t require some kind of money involved to participate.

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Slow and Steady Progress

One of my favorite things, is to see how far I’ve come. I love to preach that I don’t compare myself to anyone other than myself. I am in constant competition with myself. So, even if you need to start with a walk around the block kind of hike, you can build up to a mile hike, a three-mile hike, maybe more! When you see where you started and where you end up, it can seem to be a miracle.

The Mental Benefits

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The Physical Benefits

A lot of what I write about on the blog is about physical health as well as mental. Hiking, obviously, involves physical activity. Even if you struggle with back pain like my husband has, hiking is considered a great exercise for that situation. Take it up a notch for really active people and run the trail. Whether you run or walk, get your steps in and do it surrounded by nature.

Family can be Involved

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You can do It Anywhere

Doesn’t matter where you live, you can hike anywhere. There are hikes everywhere… like, everywhere!!! It doesn’t even have to be an official hiking trail. On my honeymoon, rather than driving our rental car, we hiked 6 miles across Oahu, Hawaii to get to a crater that happened to be closed. We then had to hike back to our hotel. The thing is, that this is one of my favorite activities that we did… ahem, outside of the hotel room. We saw a lot of beauty in the landscape along the way. We even spontaneously decided to stop at an aquarium that we passed by on the way back. We talked and laughed and just enjoyed each other’s company for hours.

Form of Meditation

You don’t need to have someone with you to go hiking. You can head out the door and start down a trail on your own. The solitude, the quiet on the trail, the landscape, what a better way to meditate than to put yourself in that world. Meditation is to empty your mind and find peace. There is that exact beauty in nature.

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Get in Touch with the Earth

The world is so full of beauty. So many different kinds of beauty in all different corners of the earth. From the forests in Washington, and the red rock in Utah, to the highlands in Scotland, and so very much more. See the beauty that is on this earth. Get out there and see all the world has to offer us.

Where is your favorite place to get out into nature? What is the most beautiful hike you’ve ever been on? Comment below and let me know.

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