Words Have Power

Most of the time, we use our thoughts and words to negatively pick ourselves apart. We criticize our mistakes and failures. I know you have all had those moments where you just berate yourself over something trivial. I know in the moment it feels like it’s a mountain. We all have those struggles in our everyday moments. It’s the common narrative. So, why don’t we change the narrative?

Make your words become an asset

Instead of pointing out everything that is wrong, find the things that are right. I don’t know if you are like me. Whenever I’m feeling especially down, and someone tells me to find the silver lining, I want to growl at them. Truth is, the things that we want to hear the least, are probably the things we need to hear the most. Finding the silver lining is the simplified way of putting it. If you are in a bad situation, finding the positive doesn’t have to be in the situation. It could be how much stronger you will be, what skills you will learn, the true friends you might find, or even just what positivity you can find in yourself.

Write it down

Using our words to positively impact ourselves, shows a greater inner strength. Truth is, that some of the articles that I write like this is because it’s something that I have had to work through, or that I’m still working on. Sometimes I wonder if people will read it and wonder what in the world I’m talking about. Maybe I’m the only one who’s had to work through things like this. Even if I am, I find it helpful to write these things down as well. To document it and remind myself how far I’ve come and to help when I do have a trying moment. Comment and tell me if you’ve ever felt a similar way. Or is there another thing that you have struggled with instead?

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