Book Review: Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

An Approach Book

On the very first page, he makes it clear that this book is not a know all book. He says that it’s not about advice or preaching but about approaches. Sharing his thoughts and feeling based on his own experiences and adventures in his life. I love this introduction because for me, that is all I’m trying to do with my website. I don’t write it because I think I know more than everyone else. I don’t write it because I think that I’ve got everything figured out. I write my blog because I want to share my journey and what I’ve learned. A lot of my journey I’ve read the same kind of stuff from other people struggling with the same thing. I don’t think those people made me successful in my goals. Only I can make myself successful. However, being able to find other people going through the same stuff, helps me think about things differently. It helps me find a new approach. It helps me to feel comfort that I am not the only person struggling with different things, to not feel alone. I know sometimes I can come across as blah, blah, blah. Maybe that’s because I overthink things… like way too much, just ask my husband. I would like to think that sharing my journey, can help others with their journey.


He puts a lot of emphasis on bumperstickers (and he writes it like it’s one word on purpose). Throughout the book he has little separate notes. They all kind of sum up the thoughts or feelings that he is trying to write about in the moment. I’m pretty sure some of them are copies of thoughts he wrote down while pondering. I am a huge advocate for writing things down. If we have inspirational moments, or ones that we feel down, or just a question in general. We should write it down to be able to give it the focus and thought it deserves. Our brains are capable of holding so much information, and a lot of the time a thought is fleeting because it becomes tossed aside with the next thought a moment later.


As I read this book, I don’t plan on detailing anything specific. I just want to address my own personal thoughts that it may instigate in my continued search to grow. So, there may be references to the book in future articles. Have you read this book? What other self-care, or inspirational books should I put on my list of things to read?

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