Write That Down!!

I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I just have too much going on in my head. Whether I’m running through everything that I have to get done, I’m stressing about something, or I’m just being anxious and overthinking. Getting things down on paper is a great way to help clear your mind. I know Melanie has touched on this a little bit before, so this post is more about options that have worked for me personally.


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This might sound a little odd, but I’m an English major so bear with me. I love to write my own stories. Whether they are only a couple pages long, or a whole novel, writing is very relaxing to me. How this ties in has to do with my characters. When I am struggling with something specific and I’m unsure how to work through it I give a character that struggle. Not only does it make my characters more real and relatable, but it gives me a new way to look at my struggle. If I take a step back and look at it from a bystanders perspective, it can help me to find a solution I didn’t notice at first. You don’t have to be an English major, or even a great writer to try this. Looking at things from a different perspective can give you that solution that you had overlooked.

Written by Emily

4 responses to “Write That Down!!”

  1. Great post by Emily. I’m a huge proponent of transferring thoughts onto paper—everything from goals to observations—and besides the usuals like journalling, I also find morning pages to be helpful in sifting through my thoughts. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    • Thanks for your comment! It’s great to hear that someone enjoyed something I wrote. I’m curious about your morning pages. Is this like a bedside journal? Or is it something more than that?

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      • It’s freewriting three A4 pages, as fast as possible, without stopping or thinking.

        While it can be a bedside thing (and I know people who do it in bed), I just write it on the table—and like the name implies—in the morning.

        Downside is it takes 45 minutes for me to complete.

        And yeah, definitely enjoyed your post!


      • That’s actually a really good idea. In one of my college classes we’ve been talking about just writing something down is better than writing nothing at all. I feel like your morning pages are right up that alley. Even if it takes you 45 minutes, I’m sure you end up with things on the paper that you never would have thought about had you not let your pen do the talking. It’s sounds like a great way to clear your mind too. Do you write about specific topics day to day? Or do you just let your mind run free?


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