What Diet is the Right One?

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I think every one of us who has tried to lose weight has tried to figure out what diet is going to give us the most success. What does it take to hit our goal weight? What secret combination of food and calories will help us accomplish our biggest goals and dreams? Whether it’s 10 pounds or 100 pounds that we want to lose, we still need a plan or a strategy to get ourselves there. The truth is that there is so many different plans to choose from. How can we figure out which one is the going to be perfect?

Everyone is Different

I will parrot this sentiment to the end of my days. Everybody is different. Every mind is different. Every BODY is different. So, why do we think that there is one perfect plan we have to find from other people? We can all give our experience and some their education and training. These things might be able to give us a general idea of generally successful options. However, all of these plans will most likely need tweaking. From the way we process foods and how our bodies handle exercise is going to be slightly different for everyone.

Be Flexible

Choose a Life Change

Instead of choosing something so drastic to lose weight fast, that you know you can’t continue, choose something reasonable. I know someone who cut out 100% all sugars and fruits of any kind. This person lost the weight and then lost too much. When they tried to reintroduce even just natural sugars again, it made them so sick. It took a long time and a lot of doctors before this person could eat a normal healthy diet. If all you’re going to eat is minimal rice and beans, you most likely will lose weight. However, you might just gain it right back if your body has no idea how to process any of these now foreign foods. Create a diet that is a lifestyle diet rather than a temporary one.

Give Yourself the Right Tools

Don’t get Stuck on One Choice

One of the biggest things that I’ve learned while losing weight is that I’ve changed. I’m not talking about physically alone. I’m talking mentally as well. The way I view food and life in general has changed. The kinds of cravings that I had and my taste in food changed. So, when I first started losing weight, I specifically chose something that I thought would be a forever lifestyle diet. Then as I changed, I adjusted that lifestyle diet to fit my new view of life. I feel that I’ve gotten healthier with my view on food and therefore my diet has slowly changed for the better. I’ve stated that not every plan is right for everyone. However, not every plan is the only right plan for you. It may take three right plans over your weight loss journey to fully get you in the right place.

Remember that a Number isn’t the end Goal

7 responses to “What Diet is the Right One?”

  1. Wow, what great results you have. Looking great! I myself tried intermittent fasting on a whim, and it’s helped me see my abs for the first time in 39 years, so I guess that’s the one for me. And yes, you’re so right about making it a lifestyle instead of a temporary thing. People look at diet as a silver bullet, but it’s actually living the lifestyle (i.e. leaving our old self behind) that changes us. Anyway, thanks for this wonderful post, Melanie!


    • I appreciate your thoughtful comment. Thank you! That’s really cool that intermittent fasting made such a difference for you. After losing all the weight I’m ready for some toning. I’m hoping intermittent fasting is a good fit for me as well. What eating period works best for you? I may have started a little extreme with the 4 hour eating window. I mean I like it but wondering if 6 hour would give me more wiggle room or too much… lol yeah obviously pretty new to the intermittent fasting.


      • I started with 16:8 for a couple years, then extended it 18:6, but am considering going back to 16:8 because I don’t feel any benefits from extending my fast so much. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll just eat one meal less than I used to, and stop snacking after 10 p.m.

        As long as I follow those guidelines, I’m not too strict on the exact time I feed. My usual eating window is 4–10 p.m., and my lunch is pretty healthy (salad, steel cut oats, yogurt and fruits, sometimes scrambled eggs). The at night I either eat chicken breast and vege, or whatever the hell I want, lol. Pretty sustainable for my style.

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      • Honestly it sounds as if you’ve got the “lifestyle” part of it down. It’s something I’m still working on but the longer I do it the more natural if becomes. Thanks again for all your great comments.

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