Get Yourself an Accountability Buddy

Now if I haven’t gotten far enough on a tangent for you, I’m sure I’ll do it again later so don’t worry. I love being able to help out a friend, while also being able to help myself. An accountability buddy usually needs your help, just like you need theirs. Sometimes, you can talk yourself out of doing what you should or snacking when you shouldn’t. We make excuses in our heads about why it’s ok. However, when you have someone you’re checking in with it’s harder to make those excuses sound reasonable. There are two main ways that an accountability buddy becomes beneficial.

Working out

  • Meeting up – I know that there are times that I talk myself out of going to the gym and going on that run. Have someone that is planning on meeting you there. You aren’t going to want to leave them hanging or explain why you aren’t there. There may be a million amazing excuses because you didn’t make it to the gym. I know I personally have the BEST excuses. However, excuses aren’t going to give us the end result that we want. Practice makes perfect and if we need a buddy to help us actually start practicing, then one day it will be as easy as brushing your teeth.
  • Push harder – Having somebody with you at the gym is somehow more motivating. I always feel like I push just a bit harder. I can struggle with thinking about everything else that needs to get done and lose focus on what I’m doing. A buddy can bring focus to the task at hand. Weightlifting is also a great workout to have a buddy with you. It’s important to have the right form and to lift safely. With a buddy as a spotter, you can push yourself harder and max out.
  • Finish the workout – Remember all those things that need to get done that distract me? I have been guilty a time or two of deciding I don’t have time to keep working out. I’ll finish a set and then head home to work on all those tasks. That luxury is removed if you have plans with someone to do that workout. You aren’t going to cut out on a play you don’t like if your best friend is the lead.

Eating Check-in

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