10 Hobbies to Improve your Health

Hobbies are actually a really great thing to implement into your daily life. There are actually studies that show hobbies can improve your mental wellbeing. There are so many different hobbies out there and such a wide range. I know that workout out has been somewhat of a hobby for me, as well as adventure seeking and hiking.

Benefits of Hobbies

Positive Stress – Hobbies involve doing something that requires thought, concentration and sometimes exertion. However, it also comes with little or no pressure, deadlines, or expectations from others. This is exactly why it’s considered it is considered a positive stress. It’s the kind of stress that is good for your health and wellbeing.

Self-Awareness – Figuring out what hobbies that you most enjoy, or need is a great way to learn more about yourself. The way you handle the positive stress can also be a great learning tool.

Calming – I’ve referred to our brains as a stage in the past. That there can be lots going on but there can only be one main thing going on center stage. Hobbies are really great for taking up a huge part of that stage. With less going on in our brains, it can almost become a form of meditation.

Connect with others – Having something specific to talk about or do together can break the ice with new friends. Maybe even just fill the awkward silence or make the awkward silence not so awkward. Make plans with people to specifically focus on the hobby and share your successes.

What Hobbies Should I Start?

What hobbies are your favorite ones? Have I missed any really good ones (I know, probably quite a few)? Let me know what other hobbies should be added to this list.

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