Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 03/09/2022


Mental, Physical, Spiritual – I’ve changed my meditation to the morning when I first get up. It’s actually been much better than when I was doing this at night. I’ve also been very good at getting some daily reading in. The book “Greenlights” that I’ve been reading is still more of an autobiography than a self-help or self-discovery book. I’m hoping that changes but maybe I just misinterpreted what it’s supposed to be. Yoga and been good and relaxing, and running has been motivating and I’ve seen such great progress.

Ragnar – I am getting excited to be doing Ragnar in just over two months. I can confidently say that when I said I was hitting a 11-minute mile that I have it down on a regular basis. I did a short 1 mile run on Monday and since it was short I picked up the pace and was able to hit about 10 minutes for the mile. Definitely not a pace I could keep up long distance but improving every day. So happy to see progress from when it used to be 15 minutes.

Intermittent Fasting – I’m still getting used to the earlier eating. I have been feeling a little hungrier the nights that I haven’t been going to bed at a decent time. I still really like intermittent fasting, and I do wonder if it has been more of a maintaining weight lifestyle. I wonder if I go back to my daily small meals if I would lose that weight faster. However, I am truly doing this as an experiment to see how my body reacts. If I feel like my body has normalized more in a few months and I’m still struggling to hit goal weight, I will probably go back to what I was doing before.

Push-ups – I am still working towards this goal but definitely at a slower pace. I won’t give up on my 50 push up goal but I am willing to let it take longer than I wanted. I will push it until I reach this goal

New Goal

Strength and Toning – I have started doing some strength and toning exercises most nights. Now that I’ve lost so much weight, I would like to pull in and tighten loose skin. I want to get stronger and see what more of a change I can do to my body in more than just size.

How are you on your goals?

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