Cauliflower Pizza

Pizza is a staple for so many of us. I do love pizza and so does my husband. However, pizza is so full of calories and fat. It’s sometimes not worth it to indulge in the pizza. However, a lot of times I end up craving it anyways.

What we put on the pizza varies depending on what we want and what we have in our fridge. Although, there are plenty of times that my husband will sauté some bell peppers and onions to put on the pizza. He also really loves mushrooms and will add them every chance he gets.

I, however, am much more inclined to meats on my pizza. I am a little bit of a protein nerd. I love all my proteins, but I really love meat. Which means, if I have some Italian sausage on hand, I’ll grill that up. I usually have some diced ham and pepperoni on hand as well. These are more my kind of toppings.

Here is the best part about the crust. The entire crust, which is probably about two inches larger than a typical personal pan pizza, is only 330 calories! If you add about half a cup of cheese, with a couple tablespoons of sauce you’re adding only about 180 more calories to the entire pizza. I truly cannot finish the entire pizza. I am usually really full eating about 3/4 of the pizza. The only calories I haven’t accounted for in the entire pizza is what toppings go on top. Thing is, unless you’re overloading up your pizza with toppings, it’s not going to add that many more calories.

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