Is Your Emotional Cup Empty

What Empties Your Cup

Know Your Cup is Empty

It’s important to recognize when your cup is low or running dry. There have been times that I knew my cup was running low. I was planning on meeting with some people that I knew expended my emotional cup. I didn’t use my better judgement and I went anyway. Then I was surprised that I was emotionally a wreck and had no patience for my family at the end of the day. Learning to recognize your cup is empty or almost empty is key to making it through those rough days. In those moments you do what you can to minimize emptying that cup anymore. Whether that means you leave your to do list until the next day, or forgoing plans with people that may expend your emotional cup.

Choose When to Expend Your Cup

There are certain situations that we can’t avoid all the time that do expend that cup. If you have parents or in-laws that take a lot of energy and fortitude to be around. You may not be able to completely avoid people that are so closely connected to you. However, you can plan for those encounters. If you have a holiday or family get together that you know is coming up, then take care of yourself before and after. Don’t plan any emotionally taxing errands or situations to overlap those days (or weeks, if need be). Try to have a relaxing day, that you can fill your cup rather than empty it. This way you have the tools that you need to be able to make it through the day.

Find What Fills Your Cup

What things fill empty or fill your cup? How do you get through those rough days?

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