Do You Have Excuses or Obstacles?

I am going to use my own experiences to put my point across. I big reason why is because I can’t speak to the details of everyone else’s situation. If I tried, I would probably royally screw it up and very possibly offend someone. Therefore, using my own situation will still help to convey what it is that I’m trying to say. My situation is just an example but can be applied at least in part to many other different situations.

What is an Excuse?

An Excuse is not Acceptable

Once again, I am not trying to offend anyone. I am going to use this only in my own situation since it comes across slightly harsh. Using a completely valid excuse to give up trying was not acceptable. I don’t mean like when a parent tells their child that their behavior isn’t acceptable. I mean it personally was not acceptable. I chose to give up. Did this give me a release or feeling of relief? Absolutely not!!! It made me feel angry, and hopeless, and worthless. I may have used the excuse to be the reason I wouldn’t try. However, mentally it was something I couldn’t accept without a lot of pain. There was no way I could convince myself that it was acceptable. I have no idea if I am truly getting my point across. It’s like the feeling you get as a kid when you make a mistake, and you have that sick feeling in your stomach that you can get rid of without coming clean with your parents.

When an Excuse Becomes and Obstacle

“Turning that excuse into an obstacle is when your current choices are not dictated by what you don’t have”

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