Wednesday Weekly Check-in 03/22


Monthly Challenge – I am still keeping up with the positivity challenge and I have been doing extra stretches. I added in some extra hip stretches to open up the hips… hopefully. I have talked to a couple people working on the positivity challenge and they have been struggling and getting creative as well. It should be so hard to keep coming up with positive things about ourselves but it always is.

Mental, Physical, Spiritual – I have been slacking a bit on all three of these. The mental challenge was to read a book every day. The physical challenge was to incorporate exercise every day. And the spiritual was meditation every day. Slacking may be an extreme way to put it. I have been working hard on all of my goals. But as I prefaced in this article, there have been days that I haven’t been getting everything I want to be checked off my list every day. I have probably been missing two or three days on each of these things. I’ll keep trying and hopefully soon it will be second nature to hit every single one of these every day.

Ragnar – Not a whole lot of new stuff to report. I did fit in two runs this week and did well on them. One of these runs actually ended up happening outside in the wind. For about half the run I was struggling to run into the wind. It was so strong it made it really hard to breathe. However, I did end up sticking to the 11-minute mile goal that I have been working towards. So therefore, I feel like it’s a solid guarantee that I have that down.

Push-ups – For a couple weeks I had been struggling to hit 18 pushups and the last couple days I’ve been able to get back to 20. This goal is definitely turning out to be a longer-term goal than I wanted it to be.

Do you have any new goals that you have started? What other goals are you happy with the progress that you’ve made.

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