Increase Fat Tissue to Lose Weight

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What is WAT?

WAT stands for white adipose tissue. Adipose means the storage of fat. So pretty much it means white tissue that stores fat. This is actually the kind of fat we are all very familiar with. The one that builds up around our organs and causes us to gain weight. we work so hard to lose this kind of fat to help our organs and body function in a healthy way. We do need some white fat as it stores energy and is a form of insulation for our bodies. Most healthy men have up to 20% body fat and up to 25% for women.

What is BAT?

Brown adipose tissue or brown fat is more widely unknown to most people. This fat is brown because it is fat around our cells and the blood causes it to be a brown color. This is most commonly found in our muscle’s cells and cartilage cells. The interesting this about brown fat is that you find higher levels in infants and animals that hibernate.

Brown adipose tissue is important in helping our bodies maintain a core body temperature. It also regulates a balance in our energy levels. It contains a higher number of capillaries than white adipose tissue. The capillaries help supply the tissue with more oxygen and nutrients. Some recent studies have also shown that there could possibly be benefits of increased life span with higher levels of brown adipose tissue. One example of this is in small mammals such as bats and naked mole rats. These mammals have really high levels of brown adipose tissue and they are the longest living small mammals.

How to increase levels of BAT

Have any of you ever heard of Brown adipose tissue? What weight loss goals have you accomplished or are working towards? There is so many more of us out there than we realize! I encourage you to speak up and speak out. You never know what difference you can make to those around you who may be struggling.

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