Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 3/30/22

I may be at a little bit of a loss for words. I really am not sure what to say about myself. Honestly, I don’t mind sharing stories about myself that are applicable to specific subjects that I write about. However, when I just need to specifically talk about myself, it becomes a little weird for me. I like doing the check-in, I feel as if it kind of re-centers me. Makes me prioritize and gives me some focus. It really makes me think about some of my goals and experiments to see how they are working or if there is anything that I need to adjust. Finding the right goals and plans for myself is important to continuing to progress.

Mental, Spiritual, Physical Challenge – I feel like my meditation has definitely become more of a positivity thing as well. Projecting the good feelings and energy that I want to receive back has been a calming thing for me. I have been much better at reading. I used to read all the time about 5 years ago, somehow life kind of took over that. I used to have a huge excitement about reading and I would have the hardest time not picking up a book or with putting a book down. The nice thing is, I have been feeling that same excitement this last week. My husband and I got out for a date night and ended up at a bookstore. We both walked away with a book each. The book intrigued me; I am hoping it’s a good one. I am still not doing the physical aspect every single day. I am working out 4 to 5 times a week. I know I was going for every day but 4 times a week is really considered to be a great goal. So, I will be satisfied with this for now.

Tripod Headstand and Crane Pose – I honestly don’t remember if I fully checked in with these short-term goals. I can successfully do both of these the way that I want to. They aren’t hardly a struggle anymore. I no longer work at them every day. However, I do it every couple of days to make sure that I still can. I haven’t decided what poses I am going to work towards next. Right now, I think I’m more focusing on the flexibility challenge.

What goals have you successfully completed lately. Have you been working towards the positivity challenge? Comment below and let me know.

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