April Monthly Challenge

This month I am going to be doing a social positivity challenge. Once again, anyone that would like to join me is welcome. I actually very much encourage you to join me and spread the positivity even further. However, let’s get down to some specifics. The challenge this month is to spread some sort of positivity to someone or multiple people around you each day. I definitely will not have it count if I just look back on my day and think. Oh, I was cordial to that person, I think. I want this to be a conscious decision, in the moment, to do something nice for someone else. Here are some of the idea’s I have for way to go about this.

Send a friendly letter, text, or thank you note

Invite someone out for dinner, or tea and visit

Sometimes the best way to spread some nice positive feelings if through time spent. We all have moments that we need to get away from the everyday grind and just stop and relax. Have a fun, nice moment with some friends. Take the opportunity to bring others into that relaxing space. Ask a friend or family member who has been having a hard time to go get dinner with you. Maybe someone you would like to get to know better would like to visit with you over some tea. Focus on positive or uplifting topics. Or on supporting that person through some of their struggles.

Find a way to compliment a family member or a friend

Photo by Archie Binamira

There was a time that I really was trying to show some extra love towards my husband. I was trying to find little ways to let him know how much I cared about him. I started leaving him little notes here and there. I taped a couple notes to his steering wheel before he left for work. Another time, I knew my mom was going through a rough time. I coordinated with a bunch of family members to write letters or poems to her and left them for her to find each day for about two weeks. Things like this take very little time and effort. However, they can make a big impact on someone. One of the ways that I would like to practice this positivity challenge is by going out of my way to compliment or uplift someone I love.

Smile and say hello to a stranger

Sometimes we run into people without really seeing them. We have the opportunity to interact with an incredible number of individuals. I can almost guarantee you that at least a handful of those people could use a genuine smile or greeting from anyone that deems to look their way. I know that it’s made a difference to me to have someone go out of their way to introduce themselves at an event or compliment my hair or appearance. Even my son has been really touched to have a stranger compliment him on his spiderman hat or batman shirt. It makes him smile. I want to be able to make a concerted effort to show that same kind of kindness to others.

Photo by THIS IS ZUN

Remember you can keep it simple

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