Coping with Snacking

Eat Some Veggies

This is one of my favorite plans when I am feeling snacky. I can eat a lot of green beans or broccoli and it will add hardly any calories. More than just keeping calorie count low, the number of veggies will also fill the stomach. Keeping your stomach full will hinder snacking on less desirable items. There is a big benefit to eating veggies as well. The nutrients and calories processed by your body can actually reduce your body’s natural cravings for saturated fats.

Start a Hobby

Don’t Keep it in the House

If you are the worst at snacking when your home, then remove the temptation. There used to always be chips, or soda, or ice cream in my house. It’s kind of frustrating but nice at the same time to not have it available. I am searching cupboards for something I want to snack on and there really isn’t a whole lot of options. My options pretty much consist of dried cranberries, peanuts, and popcorn. All things I still don’t want to have in excess, but also is a much healthier choice when I need another 100 to 200 calories still. A lot of times when I can’t find something to snack on, I actually opt for some fruits or vegetables.

Leave Your Charge Cards at Home

When you are mobile, out and about, it can be difficult to avoid stopping at a drive thru really quick. When at work, most companies have vending machines around every corner. Or vending machines in every place that you can actually take a break. My husband is really bad at talking himself into getting a snack, or two, or three. His biggest method to avoiding that kind of behavior is to leave his cards at home. We definitely have to make it a point to check the gas tank beforehand. Pretty much be prepared so a card being in his wallet at all times isn’t going to be a problem. If you struggle with the same thing, maybe it would be a good method to try.

Make a List

Text a Friend

What Else?

No one is perfect. We all have our difficult days. It doesn’t mean that we are weak or that we have failed. We just need to find the right thing that works for us. We all are different and there is so many different possibilities. Once you find the right techniques then stick to them. You will have more success if you find the right plan for you, instead of what everyone else tells you to do. What are some of the things that you have found that work for you? Comment and share to help others find what works for them.

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