March Positivity Challenge

I also invited everyone to join in on this challenge. I do know that there were people that started the challenge with me. Some of them forgot a few days and then tried to come up with multiple at a time (I will admit that I was guilty of this a few times). Others took it as a moment to find the most positive thing they could about themselves, instead of a bunch of little things every day. I think that any way that you decided to participate in this challenge is amazing. The point of working towards a healthy sense of self has nothing to do with doing things that work for other people. It’s about finding the way that it works for you. If it worked for you to ponder over what you could say positive about yourself, then I’m glad you did it. If you haven’t had a chance to participate in this challenge, I want to encourage you to think it over. Find some positive things about yourself that maybe aren’t the easy or obvious things.

Anyway, I know that my list is not the priority of anyone else. However, as the instigator of this challenge, I wanted to follow through and show that I did my challenge and did my very best. So, below is my list of 31 positive things about myself. One for every day of the month of March.

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