Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 04/05/2022

Ragnar – As mentioned in the last goal, I have been running. I have focused the last week on speed instead of distance. Trying to focus on keeping a good running pace instead of a slower jog. I haven’t really been tracking time just starting at a faster run and trying to maintain that.

Adventures – We were able to FINALLY purchase a tent and some sleeping bags. The boys were so excited about it that we decided to try a night out in our backyard. It ended up being a loud and windy night. It was actually a lot of fun, despite not getting great sleep with the wind shaking the tent. I thought it might take a little bit of practice to get the boys to embrace it. However, they loved it and immediately asked when they could do it again.

April Challenge – I set forth the April Challenge as a social positivity challenge. It is actually much easier to spread positivity to those around me than it was to look inward. I have made concerted efforts to put into words and tell some of the people I love most how much I love them and why. I also was able to plan a climbing excursion for my family and another family that we hadn’t officially met in person. They were so much fun! We really enjoyed ourselves and possibly made some great friends in the process. We’ve already talked about some times we might be able to get together again.

Pushups – So, on this particular goal I am trying to push past an obstacle that has been making it a bit difficult. I have had a problem with having an excess buildup of lactic acid in my body. It means mosquitoes absolutely love to bite me; I’ve learned recently they are attracted to the lactic acid. I’ve had some major pain and tension and knots in my upper back. My spine has had to be adjusted multiple times a day every day for over a week. I’ve been doing hot and cold therapy and pressure therapy. Thankfully I have had some improvement, but it has been slow. I have still been able to get to 20 pushups on good days.

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