What Does it Mean to be Strong?

Having or marked by great physical power

This is the very first in the definitions. It’s the obvious one that most of us think about. Physical power, to be able to move heavy object and lift weights. This doesn’t mean you have the most physical power in the world. If you increase you’re physical power, then you are showing strength as well. You shouldn’t ever be in competition with anyone but yourself.

Having moral or intellectual power

This is getting a little better. Moral or intellectual power, this encompasses quite a few things. This shows that strength doesn’t just have to be physical but mental as well. Having knowledge and increasing your knowledge is a large part of having strength. To me, this should be a much bigger component spoken of when we talk about strength. If you have strength of mind, it gives us the ability to show strength in every other way. Including gaining physical strength, it starts with having that mental strength.

Having great resources (as of wealth or talent)

I really like that it actually listed talents as a resource. I also like that it’s part of the definition of strength. We all have our talents. They are all different and unique. A talent is defined as a natural aptitude or skill. How else would you describe strength? Something that you are skilled at is a strength. If you are struggling with feeling like you are a strong person, then acknowledge all the things that you are good at. Think of the things that come naturally to you as proof that you are strong.

Not mild or weak

Moving with rapidity or force

There is the obvious meaning behind these words. However, I really like these words if we apply it to our goals and our lives. To move with rapidity and force could be you maxing out on the bench and hitting a goal that you’ve been working for. It could be that moment when you have finally lost all that weight and watched your health problem improve or go away completely. It could be working towards a career and pushing through to getting your dream job. Ask yourself how you are going to move forward in your life with rapidity and force. Seriously though, can you tell how much I like this one?

Ardent, Zealous

Well Established

Do you have strong beliefs? Do you have a sense of purpose? Do you know what makes you… you? How established are you in your sense of self? Being well established is about being content with the person that you are and the direction in life that you’re going. You can accomplish so much if you learn to love yourself and recognize you’re own worth.


What is the definition of strength? YOU ARE!!! YOU are strong! You can do anything that you decide you are going to do. Believe it! Believe that you deserve to be happy and be your best self. We all have the ability to do so many incredible things. We all do so many incredible things every day. Find your inner peace, find your purpose, find your strength.

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