Why you NEED Protein in your Diet

Satisfying and Calorie Saving

I agree with this point whole heartedly. The reason being that protein definitely has a way of filling you up. It takes a lot less calories from protein to give you a “full” feeling than it would if you were eating a box of mac and cheese or other less healthy options. I love to pair protein with some other healthy food that aren’t filling at all, such as avocado. Make some eggs with your avocado and you have a tasty, filling, and healthy meal. I want to re-iterate the “satisfying” description. The way that protein is satisfying is two-fold. First of all, what I already mentioned about getting full and staying full longer. Second is mentally satisfying, it’s proven that if you get the right nutrients in your diet that you are less likely to crave unhealthy things.

Blood Sugar

The article describes this particular point as carb-high and carb-lows. However, I labeled it as blood sugar. The reason being that you can pair good carbs with protein in order to slow down the how much sugar is absorbed into your bloodstream. There is also plenty of research showing that your blood sugar levels can be a factor in your cravings as well. It is beneficial for you in many ways to keep your blood sugar levels at normal ranges and avoid those levels spiking or dropping drastically.

Calorie Burning

Have you ever heard that eating more protein helps you burn calories? It really does! Protein needs more effort to break down. Your body has to use more energy (thus burning calories) in order to break down the proteins that you eat. The article refers to this as “thermic effect of food” or TEF. It states that the TEF is higher in protein. This is why it takes more energy to process proteins in your diet.

Fat Burning

Helps when Paired with Exercise

Eating protein when working out will help your body to recover. Not just recover but help those muscles continue to grow. If you are trying to lose weight or just build muscle, you will need to get some good exercise in as well as the protein. I have a brother that use to work so hard at the gym and was frustrated with the lack of muscle growth. My husband told him he had to increase his protein intake to almost double what he had been doing. When he took that advice, he showed visible muscle growth faster than I thought it would happen. It definitely makes a difference.

Make the Right Protein Choices

I really enjoyed this article and was glad to write some of the points that it brings out. However, a lot of the descriptions were based off of my own opinions and points of view. If you would like to read the original article the link is in the reference down below.


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