Carnivore Diet Meal: Rouladen

The carnivore diet is basically going back to the days of hunting for food when a large majority… or all of your diet is based in proteins. This dish is a great option to integrate into your meals. And my husband has a lot of german heritage in his families geneology.  His grandmother has loads of yummy german meals that she loves to cook for the family.  And, of course, my meat loving husband’s favorite is Rouladen.  London broil and bacon, what could be any better to a meat lover?

It’s actually really easy to make, you just have to plan ahead and give it time.  To make things easier on yourself buy your meat already cut thin.  A lot of stores won’t have thin cut london broil on the shelf but even a lot of smaller stores will have the butchers in the back.  My tiny store right next to my house I just have to knock on the wall by the entryway behind the meat section and ask the butcher for a rouladen cut.  That way I don’t have to try to cut thin strips myself.

Putting it together is as simple as laying out your meat (optional: spread a light amount of mustard on the meat), salt and pepper it. throw onions all over it and strips of bacon.  Roll them up and use toothpicks to secure them.

Place in a baking dish and fill with water about halfway up the meat.  Cover with tin foil and bake at 350 F for 1 hour, reduce heat to 275 F and cook an additional 3 hours.  That last half hour cube and boil some potatoes to serve on the side.  When it’s finished remove your meat from the pan and use a suction or spoon to remove as much grease as possible.  Then use a whisk to mix the rest of the liquid and some cornstarch and make a nice meat gravy for your meat and potatoes.  Good Stuff for sure!


2 pounds london broil, thinly sliced

optional mustard

2 1/2 cups diced onions

12 slices bacon


Directions –

Preheat oven to 350 F.  Lay out london broil on clean surface, spread mustard, salt and pepper meat.  add onions and couple strips of bacon.  Roll up and secure with toothpicks.  Place in baking dish, fill half way up meat with water and cover with tin foil.  Cook for 1 hour and reduce heat to 275 F and cook an additional 3 hours.  Remove meat from pan and drain as much grease as possible.  Add cornstarch to remaining liquid and whisk to thicken to a gravy.  Serve with cubed, boiled potatoes.

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