Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 04/19/2022

For those of you who celebrate Easter, I hope you had a wonderful Easter. If you don’t, I hope you have been enjoying the new spring season. We had a lot of fun this last week with the warmer weather where we are at. My boys are homeschooled and as part of that we throw our own school parties. We invite our friends and do some craft decorations and some fun games. We ended up doing some minute to win it style games that were loads of fun and laughter. I think the kid’s favorite was when they got to chuck marshmallows at my face and the other mom’s faces to try and make them stick. We went to another party on Easter that we were invited to, and it was a very enjoyable party.

Moving on from Easter, I did spend a good amount of time on my side jobs as well. Making a bit of extra money is always a little nice. However, I do find that it leaves me struggling with getting in some of my own physical workouts. Not that I’ve done horribly, I have continued to work on a lot of my goals just not as regular as normal. I mean that is normal life for all of us. Sometimes we all have other things that take up more of our time. We need to refocus and be able to get back on track when able. There is nothing wrong with that either. Anyway, moving on to some of my goals.

Reading – I think this is the one that has suffered the most this week. I have definitely done much more reading that I was doing even a month ago. However, I haven’t actually picked up my book every day. I also probably need to be pegging down on of my books until I finish the other. I find that the more I hop back and forth the less motivated I am to pick up the books in the first place. I just am trying to decide if I want to finish the comic first or the book. I feel like the comic will be one I can read much faster. However, I also really like the novel I’m on and would like to see what happens. This struggle is a big reason why I keep jumping back and forth.

Working out – As I stated I have not done all my workouts. I have done a couple runs, and I have done a yoga day. Not the best track record but being active has become normal enough that I feel like I’ve done a poor job when I only get a couple times in. I look at this as a win.

Ragnar – In the spirit of trying to be race ready, I actually talked a group into participating in another race like 10 days before Ragnar. This is a smaller race that will only take a couple hours and won’t leave us to sore before the actual Ragnar. However, I am hoping it will give us more confidence when the day actually comes. So, some of them will be running a 5K, Me and the others actually participating in Ragnar will be doing the 10K. The biggest reason I was able to talk most of them into it is because we are all a bunch of nerds. The race is a “May the fourth be with you” run. We will be getting a Mandalorian medal and t-shirt.

Adventures – Other than all our Easter activities, we also went to the zoo this week. Not some crazy amazing adventure but it was definitely still fun to do. My son got the sea lion to follow a coin that he was tossing around on a bench. Everyone else started crowding around to see the interest the sea lion was showing in the coin.

April Challenge – I feel kind of horrible about how I’ve been doing with this one. I just haven’t consciously thought about it every single day. I have gone out of my way to help others some days. Others I am lying in bed thinking about my day and realizing that I didn’t choose something specifically for the challenge. I always think about all the positive things I did but technically that isn’t what the challenge was supposed to be. I will try to do better.

Self-Care – Most of the self-care that I have been doing has been centered around accepting the maximum of what I can do in the day. Instead of stressing about what hasn’t gotten done, I have taken a deep breath and thought about where I can get it in the next day.

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