Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 05/25/2022

Having said that I have been sick this last week as well. I am an asthmatic, and this is attacking my lungs. So as far as my regular cardio kind of stuff, I have been holding off on anything crazy. My first goal being physical, I can say that I have been working on strength training things just not the cardio.

Mental – I am officially through 5 books in the last month! It would take me months to pick up another book after finishing one. I have read Nevernight, Everyday, and the In Her Dreams Trilogy. I really liked the first book, it was following a darker storyline without the typical heroes. The second book was amazing! It was so unique in concept and the author has a beautiful way of speaking. The trilogy was pretty good as well. I liked that it was a unique concept, and first book in the trilogy was very intriguing and I really wanted to know where it was going to go.

Spiritual – I have not gotten into guided meditation yet. I still need to make this a priority so I can actually get a little more comfortable with real meditation.

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