Did Intermittent Fasting Work for Me?

I know there is a ton of people out there parroting why certain diets are better than others. However, I find it funny that there seems to be a mentality that someone else, that has never met you can tell you that your body needs something specific. Just like Melatonin is supposed to assist with sleeping, it doesn’t work that way for everyone. For some it doesn’t work at all, for others it gives them nightmares. Everyone’s body is different and needs different things and react differently to certain things. I feel the same way about every individual’s nutrition. There may be certain components of our diet that needs to be unique to each person. I have heard some people that have done intermittent fasting found that it helped them finish toning up those last few problem areas. However, it doesn’t work that way for everybody.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting, in a nutshell, is limiting your food intake to a set number of hours per day. Whether that be fasting for 20 hours and eating for 4 or fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8. There are different increments to it. The idea is to put your body into the detoxifying mode brought on by fasting on a daily basis. There is supposed to be a major benefit to your body when you do this. It can help with toning and losing weight. I wanted to see if I would see some similar benefits with this.

My Goal

The Results

I actually was not incredibly happy with this experiment. Truth is, initially I LOVED it. Because my very first goal of the entire thing was to simplify my food. This goal was a huge success. I definitely felt like I was more successful at paying attention to my food and eating at a certain time. However, that’s as far as the benefits went for me. As for that weird uncomfortable feeling in my stomach I actually ended up having a little more trouble with it. I felt as if my body struggled with processing all the different foods. Sure, they were all the foods that are considered some of the best foods for me to be eating. Yet they don’t seem to be right for me specifically. As far as my weight went, this wasn’t exactly a great thing either. My weight fluctuated quite a bit up and back down a little bit again and again. My body wasn’t quite maintaining and wasn’t quite gaining. It really made me feel pretty stagnant and unable to progress.

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