Carnivore Diet

My newest venture that I am experimenting on is the carnivore diet. Part of what I’m trying to do is to work with some different diets to the extreme. Follow them very strict and see if my body responds well. I have had some uncomfortable pain in my stomach when I eat sometimes and I’m hoping that I can find out if there is something specific that will help with the situation. If I find something that really seems to work well with me then I want to tweak it to incorporate into a little more of a normal lifestyle and not so strict.

What is Carnivore Diet?

My Goals

I am hoping that I will be able to reduce the amount of carbs that I have through this diet. I know that a lot of people that have issues after eating usually have some kind of an intolerance to certain foods. Gluten is one of the main causes of that kind of thing. It makes me very curious to see if that problem is fixed trying out this diet. I also would like to see if there is a diet that helps me start working down those last few pounds, I would need to lose to hit my goal weight. I know that could take some time. However, I figure that if I try this out for a month that I should have some indication of whether it could be helpful heading in that direction. I also mentioned earlier trying to get some consistency with my diet. If I don’t have a particular kind of diet sometimes it makes it more difficult to say no to the things that I really shouldn’t be having.


I kind of already mentioned this, but I am going to do a 30 trial of the diet. I will use the month of June as my trial month. Yes, June has started, and I have already been doing it for a few days. My beginning thoughts on it is positive. I have been pretty satisfied with the foods that I have been eating. Honestly, it also has quite simplified the efforts that I have had to put into preparing food as well. Which is definitely a plus. However, the beginning of July I plan on checking back in and giving you a full account of how the experiment went for me.

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