Start with a Foundation

I myself, have fallen into this rut a few times. I have always known that I wanted long term solutions, but I seem to make the two same mistakes. The first mistake that I make is becoming obsessive about weight loss. If I had a wedding or an event that I really want to look good at, I sometimes cut corners or calories or food groups. It’s like this desperate ploy to be able to put up the appearance that I am further along than I am. However, a lot of times this actually does the opposite to me. I usually am more stressed and not in a mentally healthy place. I also end up hurting my body by cutting out those food groups that “supposedly” are unhelpful to weight loss but may have nutrients that I need. Then, all of sudden my progress halts and I get frustrated. The other mistake that I make is falling into certain fad diets. I really like finding things that work better for my body and even though I am trying to do that sometimes I lose the foundation that I have worked so hard to build. I am so focused on only the specific program that I stop watching the intake of calories, or something like that.

What is a Foundation?

A foundation is the support upon which something rest. The base that holds up the building. In the health and fitness world, our foundation is the foods we eat, how much we eat, and the physical activity we give our bodies. The building on the foundation is the analogy for our bodies and strength. What people see and admire on the outside is the weight you have lost, or the distance you can run, or the pounds you can lift, or the muscles that you have, etc. Without the actions you do building your foundation, you will not be able to achieve the structure that it holds up.

How to work on that Foundation

I’m talking about going back to the very basics. About keeping a diary of my calories and my macros. Making healthy food choices on a daily basis instead of restricting myself into some extreme next step program. Having a more regular and less stressful diet but still choosing things that give me good nutrients. When I very first started my journey, it was as simple as calories. I had to cut back my eating to a healthy amount. I wasn’t constantly stuffing my face but a tiny chicken sandwich from Mcdonalds that doesn’t keep me full or satisfied could be a third or more of my calories. The foundation needs to be strong but not complicated. Therefore, my suggestion would be to simplify it down to the basics. As I mentioned earlier making better food choices and not overeating.

Building from the Foundation

This has been the tricky part for me. I’ll be honest that the majority of my weight loss was spent on the foundation and the basics. The strong foundation really has done well for me. The next step is working into a bit more of the specific kind of diet and routine. Building from the foundation is when we get to find more of a purpose and direction. If you want to be a body builder, you are going to need a strict and specific kind of working out. If you have a strong foundation, then you can build up to whatever you wish to be. My journey is far from over and I’m still building. I know I’ll get there, and I know that you can to. What are the simple ways that you build your foundation?

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