Wednesday Check-in: 07/28/2022

I also have decided that I need to stop with weighing in. I mentioned earlier that it’s been interesting that now that I’m comfortable with my body it’s been harder to keep the habits that I’m building. So, now I need to continue those healthy habits without looking at a scale. This week I have been doing better than I have in a while. I think choosing to do it no matter what results I see has put me in a much better mental state. I refuse to gain back the weight. Being a healthy size does not excuse falling back into habits that made me unhappy and unhealthy.

Here are some of my goals going forward.

Habits: Focus on the healthy habits that I want to be a regular part of my life. This includes working towards my fitness goals and maintaining a healthy diet. I want these things to truly become habits and not just a means to an end. Especially in my diet, I feel like this is the biggest challenge that I am facing. The foods that I choose to consume is a huge part of being able to continue my momentum and progression.

Calisthenics: I have been loving working towards greater core and body strength. I find it really nice to do all this training mostly relying on my own body weight to improve myself. For some reason it really gives me satisfaction for my body to be what is encouraging improvement.

Articles: As mentioned earlier, I have found myself a little less inspired as of late. I want to really put some time into pondering over some good topics that I can write about and be passionate about.

Bedtime: I seriously need to work on my bedtime. I know that a huge part of my motivation lately has been an issue with sleep. I have found myself going to bed later and later. Sometimes it’s the middle of the night before I’m actually getting in bed. This makes me so tired and worn out that I never really want to do anything but go through the motions. Today for instance I was in bed at a more decent time and up before six this morning. Meaning that I was able to get this written and posted early! I really don’t like waking up early, but I can’t deny that I always get a much better start to the day if I do.

I really don’t mind if you all hold me to some of these new goals and call me out if I’m slacking. Sometimes, we all need an extra push from those around us.

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