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  • Do You Have Excuses or Obstacles?

    Do You Have Excuses or Obstacles?

    Because no matter what is happening or what the situation is, there is always the cause and effect. There is a catalyst to the direction that things go. So, to me, an excuse is not the cause or the catalyst. An excuse is a reason why you no longer need to try. An excuse is…

  • Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 03/15/22

    Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 03/15/22

    Life is full of ups and downs. I have good days; I have days not as good. However, I keep moving forward and improving myself every day.

  • Is Your Emotional Cup Empty

    Is Your Emotional Cup Empty

    We only have so much in our daily emotional cups. What do you need to do to make sure that your cup stays full? Take care of your mental health to achieve your physical health.

  • Cauliflower Pizza

    Cauliflower Pizza

    Pizza is a staple for so many of us. I do love pizza and so does my husband. However, pizza is so full of calories and fat. It’s sometimes not worth it to indulge in the pizza. However, a lot of times I end up craving it anyways.

  • Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 03/09/2022

    Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 03/09/2022

    Mentally, physically, spiritually. I make progress every week to a better me. I will keep working towards becoming better and healthier day by day.

  • Pantry Meal: Chicken Taco Filling

    Pantry Meal: Chicken Taco Filling

    A recipe that is so quick and easy to whip up. It’s also healthy and low in calories. Enjoy!

  • 10 Hobbies to Improve your Health

    10 Hobbies to Improve your Health

    Hobbies are actually a really great thing to implement into your daily life. There are actually studies that show hobbies can improve your mental wellbeing. There are so many different hobbies out there and such a wide range. I know that workout out has been somewhat of a hobby for me, as well as adventure…

  • Get Yourself an Accountability Buddy

    Get Yourself an Accountability Buddy

    One of the biggest motivators when it comes to trying to create a lifestyle diet, is having to answer for it when you make a mistake. We all are going to make mistakes when we make such huge changes. It’s really just the name of the game, only it’s not a game. And if it…

  • How Not Counting Reps Helped Me Break Through My Workout Plateaus

    How Not Counting Reps Helped Me Break Through My Workout Plateaus

    I’ve discovered is that I don’t work out for weight loss anymore, nor am I looking to break any records. All I want these days is to feel the post-workout high, to know that I’ve done something good for the day.

  • Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 03/01/2022

    Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 03/01/2022

    I’m still working towards my goals. I’m still getting stronger. I’m still becoming more confident. I’m still happy. See where I am at and what I’m working on.