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  • Wednesday Check-in

    Wednesday Check-in

    Time to recenter, time to focus, time to improve. Here’s where I’m at and what I’m doing to keep moving forward and improving.

  • Start with a Foundation

    Start with a Foundation

    A foundation is the basis for a great structure. It needs to be firm and strong and reliable. If there isn’t a reliable foundation that the structure will not last or have some major issues. What is your foundation in the health and fitness world.

  • Wednesday Check-In

    Wednesday Check-In

    I’m a busy mom, busy changing my life, busy organizing events, busy running my home. There is so much to do, and I let it drive me forward rather than defeat me. Everyday is another day to work towards a better me and accomplish more with my life.

  • Did Intermittent Fasting Work for Me?

    Did Intermittent Fasting Work for Me?

    I tested intermittent fasting for a couple of months. There was certain things I wanted to get out of it, to see if I felt that it was something right for me that I could use as a healthy lifestyle. Here I go over how it worked or me.

  • Support For Autism

    Support For Autism

    My son and I talked about possibly doing a service project. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything big. However, without hesitation he said that he wanted to do something for kids like him to make them feel “strong and special, like me

  • What Childhood Bullying did to Me

    What Childhood Bullying did to Me

    I found peace and strength in who I am. I’m strong despite my trials, not because of them.

  • Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 05/25/2022

    Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 05/25/2022

    Back to putting my focus on my health and wellbeing. It is something constant that always requires effort. However, I go healthy when I decided that this focus was a priority.

  • 5 Ways to Know Someone is a True Friend

    5 Ways to Know Someone is a True Friend

    how do we know what kind of relationships are ones that we should really spend our time with? What traits make a person really become a true friend?

  • 9 Signs that you are Playing the Victim

    9 Signs that you are Playing the Victim

    There doesn’t need to be excuses about why we aren’t happy but action to find that happiness. Take whatever control back that you can and remove yourself as the victim and become the protagonist of your story.

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