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  • Start with a Foundation

    Start with a Foundation

    A foundation is the basis for a great structure. It needs to be firm and strong and reliable. If there isn’t a reliable foundation that the structure will not last or have some major issues. What is your foundation in the health and fitness world.

  • Carnivore Diet

    Carnivore Diet

    Ready to try something new and see how it goes. Carnivore diet is another one of those diets that has a strategic reason for integrating into some people’s lifestyles. I’m ready to see if this is right for my body.

  • Carnivore Diet Meal: Rouladen

    Carnivore Diet Meal: Rouladen

    Carnivore diet? or maybe just want a carb free tasty meal? Try this meat in meat dish. One of my family’s favorite meals that you have to try!