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  • Importance of Rotating Your Workouts

    Importance of Rotating Your Workouts

    Changing up workouts is an important part of getting stronger. if you just keep doing the same things day and day out without ever changing then your body will get used to it and it will be harder to improve.

  • Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 04/19/2022

    Wednesday Weekly Check-in: 04/19/2022

    I hope everyone has had a great easter weekend. We had lots of fun spring activities with the kids. I worked hard but more on work than wit working out. I look forward to getting back into the active mode.

  • My Three Strategies for Battling Depression

    My Three Strategies for Battling Depression

    My top three strategies for battling through depression. Mental disease that affects a large percentage of the population.

  • Acceptance


    People are struggling to accept each other. It seems as if it has turned into a “my way, or the highway” mentality. Why is it that we all have to feel the same way and agree on the same things in order to be friends or even civil to each other?

  • Expressing Yourself Through Music

    Expressing Yourself Through Music

    Everybody needs to be able to express themselves. There are so many feelings that tug you every which way in our heads. Use music to find a healthy way to work through those emotions.

  • 5 Ways to be Positive

    5 Ways to be Positive

    having those bad days it’s important to have those strategies to keep working towards positivity. The more that you are able to push through those days the better and better your mental health will become.

  • Is Your Emotional Cup Empty

    Is Your Emotional Cup Empty

    We only have so much in our daily emotional cups. What do you need to do to make sure that your cup stays full? Take care of your mental health to achieve your physical health.

  • 10 Hobbies to Improve your Health

    10 Hobbies to Improve your Health

    Hobbies are actually a really great thing to implement into your daily life. There are actually studies that show hobbies can improve your mental wellbeing. There are so many different hobbies out there and such a wide range. I know that workout out has been somewhat of a hobby for me, as well as adventure…

  • Write That Down!!

    Write That Down!!

    We all have times that there is just too much bouncing around in our heads. These are the best ways that I have found help me to clear my mind.

  • The Nature of Hiking

    The Nature of Hiking

    What is the nature of hiking? What does it do for us and why is it important? Do you need to start hiking to experience the beauty of nature?